Sydney 2023: Paying respect to Aussies of USA SS

Posted on: Fri 21 Jul 2023

Attendees at the 2023 gathering in Sydney – PAYING RESPECTS TO THE AUSSIES OF THE US ARMY SMALL SHIPS WW11

United States of America Consul General, Sydney Christine Elder  “ … those who rose to the challenge, those who were not trained, those who were not equipped…”

Commander Deb Butterworth RAN   “… when I see what they did protecting our nation… “

Ted von Bronswijk, Federal Master of the Company of Master Mariners  “… so unless we tell the story…”

Dion Pullen from The Philippines “…I call them the saviour of the world…”

Tom Hartley, Channel 7 Reporter – “… we’ve got to do something about this….  We’ve got to tell this story!”

Image: Small Ships Section Battle Honours. Photo provided by Dan O’Brien, Secretary US Army Small Ships Association Australia and used with permission

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