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Posted on: Wed 13 Mar 2024

 Eskatology: Amplifying Indigenous Voices through Hip Hop

In the dynamic landscape of Australian Hip Hop, one artist stands out for his unwavering commitment to producing music that resonates with depth and authenticity. Meet Eskatology, a Ngarrindjeri artist whose decade-long journey in the music scene has solidified his position as a voice for change and empowerment.

With a repertoire spanning four albums and a mixtape, Eskatology has garnered attention and support from industry heavyweights like Mau Power, Seth Sentry, Butterfingers, and even American rapper Xzibit. However, his success goes beyond mere recognition; it’s rooted in his dedication to tackling socio-political issues faced by First Nations people.

Through his music, Eskatology delves into the complexities of Indigenous identity and the systemic barriers that perpetuate inequality. His latest single, ‘Good Trouble,’ featuring the soulful vocals of Steve Clisby from The Voice, is a poignant reflection on social justice issues catalysed by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Eskatology’s artistry goes beyond activism; it’s deeply personal. Drawing from his own struggles with mental health, he channels raw emotions into powerful spoken word, forging a profound connection with listeners who find solace in his words.

As Eskatology continues to carve his path in the Hip Hop landscape, his message remains clear: to amplify Indigenous voices, challenge societal norms, and inspire change through the transformative power of music.

Listen to Eskatology perform at the Peramangk Watta Survival Day event and his yarn with Vida Sumner from Radio Adelaide SA.

Image description Jono ‘Eskatology’ Steir

Image supplied by Peramangk Council

Vida Sumner

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