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Posted on: Wed 13 Mar 2024

Sistars: Voices of Soul and Justice

In the heart of community, there are voices that resonate with soulful harmonies and lyrics that echo the spirit of personal and social justice. Meet Sharon and Lisa, grassroots singer-songwriters and sisters, whose music blends the power of empowerment and equality.

The Barkindji Sistars have long been a presence in the Adelaide Hills community, but they’ve been away from the spotlight for some time. However, a recent urge to share their voices compelled them to step back into the limelight for the Peramangk Watta Survival Day gathering.

Their performance isn’t just about music; it’s a tribute to Elders who have paved the way for their journey. With classics like “Solid Rock” and heartfelt original compositions, they pay homage to the past, honour the present, and inspire the future.

Through their songs, Sistars weave a narrative of resilience, hope, and unity. Their melodies carry the weight of lived experiences and the aspirations for a brighter tomorrow. From personal struggles to broader societal injustices, their lyrics serve as a catalyst for reflection and action.

As they take the stage once again, Sistars take us on a journey of introspection and celebration. Their voices, infused with the essence of their heritage, remind us of the power of music to uplift, inspire, and effect change.

Listen to Sistars performing at the Peramangk Watta Survival Day event and their interview with Celestine Rowe and Radio Adelaide.

Image description (L-R) Sistars Sharon and Lisa

Image supplied by Vida Sumner

Vida Sumner

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