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Twice divorced and feeling terrified of whom she might become as a lonely ‘elderly’ neurodivergent, bisexual woman

Posted on: Fri 15 Mar 2024

Growing up, we’re often led to naively believe that there is one person out there who will fall in love with you and then after a certain period of dating they will ask for your hand in marriage by proposing to you. But marital bliss is never guaranteed, with many couples inevitably coming to a devastating and heart-wrenching realisation that theirs is no longer salvageable nor reconcilable.

Life Alone is a romantic comedy solo exploratory show told from the point of view of one lonely fortysomething year old neurodivergent, bisexual stand-up comedian, dancer and digital designer from Brazil, Michele Da Costa, who is agonising over what her own future will embody once she becomes an elderly person. Although twice divorced, Da Costa remains uncertain whether she will tie the knot with another four or five ex-spouses or possibly succumb to being a recluse that adopts fifteen more cats that’ll eat her after she dies all alone.

Da Costa got to dish it out with De-Stigmatised‘s Jarad McLoughlin about her forays into the differing international stand-up comedy scenes from Auckland right through to Melbourne, where she relocated to in 2019. She also drops an unexpected bombshell concerning how things ended up turning out so amicably with her two former spouses.

Produced by Jarad McLoughlin

Photo supplied by Nick Robertson

Jarad McLoughlin

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