Sea Sunday – Remembering the Merchant Navy

Posted on: Fri 21 Jul 2023

Phil Mason & Jan Milham discuss the recent Sea Sunday event, remembering our Merchant Seamen who died during WWII.

Every year in early July, people gather at the Cheltenham Cemetery in SA to commemorate the graves of 80 South Australian Merchant Seamen who rest there.  Phil, State President of the Merchant Navy Association and Jan, Vice President of Australian War Widows (SA) Inc  ask listeners to join them at the 2024 service, and also give a heads-up about Merchant Navy Day on 3 September 2023. Phil and Jan ask you to put it in your diaries (03.09.2023) and attend the service. This is the anniversary of the first attack on an Allied merchant ship in World War II, only hours after Britain declared war on Germany in 1939. 

Image: The Merchant Navy Badge provided by The Merchant Navy Association South Australia and used with their permission. The sinking of the Linda Blanche out of Liverpool by Willy Stower. Public domain art, Wikipedia.

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