Malcolm Harvey: Borneo 1965/66

Posted on: Mon 20 Jun 2022

The National Service ballot in 1965 took Malcolm from an idyllic life as a young country lad just beginning a career with Elders GM to serving in the Australian Army.  He narrowly missed being posted to Vietnam, and instead was sent to Borneo with 4RAR.  It took Malcolm a while to settle back into civilian life post National Service, but when he finally did so, his work carried him to many countries across the world.

This interview is from the RSL A Time To Celebrate project, in partnership with the Tanunda RSL and The Emu Tree.

Interviewer Christian Teusner

Photo: A patrol of soldiers from A Company, 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (4RAR) cleaning their weapons after returning from a patrol. The soldiers are all wearing British Army jungle greens and from the general condition of their boots and trousers they have been out in the rain. This patrol was most likely confined to the Sarawak side of the border as patrols into Indonesian Kalimantan, Claret Operations, usually carried British issued FN or Self Loading Rifles (SLR). A Company 4RAR were based at Gumbang, a company base close to the border, and the most southerly of the 4RAR company positions located on a ridge line close to the Sarawak-Kalimantan border and a major Indonesian infiltration route. AWM

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