6. From 6TTU to Vietnam – An APC for Australia

Posted on: Mon 23 May 2022

Episode 6:

Finalising work at 6TTU, heading back to home units; further M113 training at Puckapunyal; heading off to Vietnam. Ian ‘Icky smith, Peter McDonald and John McQueen.

David Childs, Glen Hutley and Fred ‘Blue’ Hickey talk about aspects of service in Vietnam including the early stages of the Battle of Long Tan.

RAAF Veteran Robert ‘Bob’ Macintosh talks about being dust-off alongside APCs at the Battle of Long Tan, and Jenny Macintosh tells us about aspects of life for a Military family.

Photo: Bill, Brian, Tanglefoot, Mac, Wally, Anzac, Jock, Beamo with the M114-A1 Innisfail 1965… Provided by H Meyer and used with permission

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