80th Anniversary of Allied Service in the Pacific

Posted on: Mon 14 Mar 2022

Commemorating the 80th Anniversary of Allied Service in the Pacific, we hark back to the voices of some of our interviews over the past 6 years with Merchant Navy and Small Ships Veterans of WWII, some of whom are no longer with us. 

We also bring comments from some of the people who attended the 13.03.2022 commemoration service held at The Navigator Memorial precinct at Port Adelaide to honour those brave Australians who didn’t receive recognition for their service until recently.

James Hurst, Tracey Finch, Adrian Callus, Lynn Baker, Maggie McNeill-Baxter, Chantelle Bohan, Steve Vines.

Peter Cates, Diane Carr

Excerpts from interviews with Clarrie Dawes, Frank Finch OAM, Harry Cruger, Adrian Callus

Tony Iles Navy Veteran

Main Image: Rehearsal for commemoration service Navigator Memorial Port Adelaide. Photo by Helen Meyer and used with permission

Small Ships Section Battle Honours. Photo provided by Dan O’Brien OAM, Secretary US Army Small Ships Association Australia and used with permission

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