Nexus Arts: Noriko Tadano on how the shamisen ‘resonates in your heart’

Posted on: Sat 11 Sep 2021

Noriko Tadano is an award-winning Japanese shamisen virtuoso performing a collaborative piece with composer and sound artist Adam Ritchie this evening, September 11, at Nexus Arts.

Tadano and Ritchie bend genres with an ethereal fusion of traditional Japanese music and live modular synths. With two more shows coming up as part of the OzAsia Festival in late October, Tadano speaks to us about the twists and turns that brought her to performing with the Japanese shamisen, what collaboration has taught her, and of course, the highs and lows of the pandemic.

This segment was first broadcast by the University of South Australia’s brand new current affairs program The Loop aired every Tuesday and Friday on the student radio station UniCast.

Produced by Anisha Pillarisetty

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