On This Day – 3rd of September

Posted on: Fri 3 Sep 2021

In 1953, the European Convention on Human Rights came into effect. The convention includes articles that protect the right to life, right to a fair trial, prohibition of discrimination, and freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

In 2015, Chris the sheep from Canberra broke the world record for the largest shorn fleece coming in at 40kg. He received life-saving surgery to remove the fleece after he was discovered roaming north of Canberra.

In 2006, the classic Justin Timberlake song ‘SexyBack’, featuring Timbaland, went to no. 1 on the UK singles chart. It was JT’s first UK no. 1 hit.

Breakfast producer Shannon Pearce joins Breakfast’s Tom Mann and Paul Davies to tell us more about these events from history.

Image: Flickr

Produced by Shannon Pearce


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