Discovering Banjo Morton

Posted on: Thu 8 Jul 2021

If you haven’t heard of Alyawarra leader Banjo Morton, it’s time to get to know his story.

He is responsible for leading stockmen in a walk off from Lake Nash in 1949, taking a stand against stolen wages, and again sixty years later, in 2009, against the Northern Territory Intervention.

Documentary film maker Lara Damiani chanced across details of his actions eleven years ago and was determined to share his story, prompting the creation of multi-media website, Banjo Morton – The Untold Story.

Documentary Film Maker, Lara Damiani speaking with Festival City’s Sarah Martin

Produced by: Sarah Martin
Featured in story: Lara Damiani
Image credit: Banjo Morton – The Untold Story, image supplied by Lara Damiani

Sarah Martin

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