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Fancy a trip to space?

Posted on: Tue 18 May 2021

This year marks 60 years since the first human was sent into space. But this experience, which was once a privilege for the most highly trained and skilled astronauts, is increasingly up for sale to the general public.

Earlier this month, aerospace company Blue Origin, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, announced it will sell its first flights into microgravity through an online auction.

Blue Origin joins companies such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic in the space tourism industry, where any person who can afford a ticket can take a joyride in space.

To find out more about the issues facing the space tourism industry, Breakfast producer Sezen Bakan spoke with Australian National University senior lecturer Cassandra Steer.

Produced by Sezen Bakan and Tom Mann

Image source: Fährtenleser/ Wikimedia Commons


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