On This Day: 7th May

Posted on: Fri 7 May 2021

In 1867, dynamite was first patented by Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel in England. After reading a condemning, mistaken obituary for himself, Nobel decided to leave most of his fortune, largely earnt from dynamite, to establish the Nobel Prizes when he died.

In 1994, Edvard Munch’s most famous painting “The Scream” was recovered after it had been stolen three months prior.

In 1984, Weird Al Yankovic’s parody single ‘Eat It’, chronicling trying to get a picky child to eat, went to No. 1 on the ARIA charts.

Breakfast producer, Shannon Pearce, joins Breakfast’s Tom Mann and Paul Davies to tell us more.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Produced by Shannon Pearce


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