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On this day – April 16

Posted on: Fri 16 Apr 2021

On this day in 1889, the legendary silent film actor Charlie Chaplin was born in London. He struggled with poverty and hardship for most of his early life, but went on to enjoy over 75 years as a comic actor, filmmaker, and composer.

In 1943, the hallucinogenic effects of LSD were discovered by Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman, who accidentally absorbed some of the substance through his fingertips and went on the world’s first LSD-induced trip.

In 2018, Kendrick Lamar became the first rapper to win a Pulitzer Prize for Music for his album, DAMN. This was the first win for a non-classical or jazz musician since the Pulitzer awards began including music in the 1940s.

Breakfast’s Tom Mann and Paul Davies speak to producer Sezen Bakan about what happened on this day in history.

Produced by Sezen Bakan

Image source: Batiste Safont / Wikimedia Commons


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