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Cosmic Soundscape for Fringe: an Interstellar Symphony

Posted on: Mon 1 Mar 2021

StellarSphere Full Dome Sound Bath Experience, presented by Adelaide’s Sacred Resonance, offers a stunning journey that invites a meditative dance amongst the cosmos. The sold-out performance has proved popular amongst Fringe-goers seeking that other worldly experience. Festival City’s Emma Wotzke reviews StellarSphere Full Dome Sound Bath Experience.

Through a unification of art, science and spirituality composers and artists, Sacred Resonance produce an immersive full-dome, harmonic experience of celestial sounds and imagery at the Adelaide Planetarium.

Sacred Resonance co-directors Darren Curtis and Bradley Pitt draw upon 22 years of collaborative experience including discoveries in musicology, archeoacoustics and spiritual thinking informed by the philosophy that everything has resonance and conforms to unique patterns within nature.

StellarSphere extends this idea, inspired by unique theories from Kepler, Plato and Gustav which propose that the solar system and planets produce a distinct musical rhythm.

Some spacecrafts have devices capable of obtaining radio emissions that are then converted by scientist into sound waves. By extracting this data from NASA’s search of deeper space and the solar system, Curtis and Pitt are able to translate gravitational waves and raw information through compositional software, producing an integrative soundscape representing their unique interpretation of cosmic sounds.

For fifty minutes the audience is submerged in an expansive sound bath and display of imagery as the universe unfolds in a meditative journey through the music of the spheres. The performance opens in the intimate surrounds of pitch black, with the delicate hum of both crystal and Tibetan singing bowls cascading the aural space. The overhead projection of a dark pillowy night sky gives way to winking stars that beckon viewers to shift from one reality to the next.  The soundscape transcends into a deeper exploration to include a harmony of digitised interstellar sounds and tones from the reaches of space. Images of satellites journey the spherical edges before giant celestial bodies float across the dome deeper into the vastness of the solar system. The audience sails across the fiery edges of the sun, the enormity of Jupiter and the heavenly span of Saturn’s rings. Low echoes and a gentle hum build a sense of momentum giving rise to cycles of new expression within the cosmos in a flow between stillness and expansiveness.

Gliding amongst the galaxies and glittering stars revives a unique dance between wonder and mystery. The parameters of consciousness are reoriented and the possibilities of curiosity are taken to the world beyond.  A transition of darker metallic hues explode in a kaleidoscope of colour and pattern to reveal ancient geometric shapes. Fractals and mandalas duplicate in distinct and perpetual rhythm. 

This unique performance is more than just a spectacularly mesmerising composition of sound and visuals but also a clever unification of ancient wisdom, innovation and discovery. The physical experience pushes beyond just that, and offers a portal into the greater layers of reality to explore the natural order of the universe and the interconnected relationship between humans and the cosmos.  

The original 18 shows are currently a sell-out but an extra show has been added Saturday 6th March at 9.20 pm.

Produced by Emma Wotzke

Image: Unsplash

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