Kathy Baykitch: Adelaide Holocaust Museum

Posted on: Mon 25 Jan 2021

Anyone who thinks the Holocaust was just about horrendous treatment of people of Jewish background would be sadly mistaken.  Kathy Baykitch, Centre Director, says that while the Museum commemorates the 6 million Jewish victims,  it also acknowledges the countless other victims …. in fact anyone at all who wouldn’t toe Hitler’s line.   

Kathy tells us about the Museum, brought into existence by the vision of Holocaust survivor Andrew Steiner OAM.   

It’s about survival; teaching lessons of what we’ve learnt from the Holocaust and working toward a more tolerant and compassionate society and world for all of us…  she encourages Listeners to visit the museum. 

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photo: Adelaide Holocaust Museum. Photo taken 25.01.2021 by H Meyer and used with permission

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