Steve Harding: Saving Farina – Be there in 2021

Posted on: Mon 28 Dec 2020

Farina Vs The Rest Of the world. It’ll be a cricket match not to be missed in 2021! 

In 1882 Farina in the far north gibber plain of South Australia was a busy remote town, a centre for mining and transport route for stock and goods from the outback.  Its small population provided more than its fair share of men to fight in World Wars 1 & 2, but within 100 years it was abandoned and left to die in the harsh climate. 

Steve tells how an evolving roster of volunteers have devoted many years to restoring Farina and preserving its history, and how visitors are encouraged to be there for a historic cricket match and other celebrations in 2021. 

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photo: Ruins of the Exchange Hotel at Farina, South Australia wikimediacommons

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