The Late Rev Robert ‘Bob’ Macintosh: Fighter Pilot Turned Clergyman

Posted on: Mon 23 Nov 2020

It would be difficult to envisage that quietly spoken, gentlemanly Bob Macintosh AFC OAM saw active service as an RAAF fighter pilot in Korea and then went on to train on helicopters and to serve in Malaya and Vietnam.  He was ‘dust-off’ at the battle of Long Tan and there in the thick of it flying 34 sorties during Operation Bribie, supplying and then extracting our troops under heavy enemy fire. 

Bob went on to become a Clergyman with a difference when he eventually retired from the RAAF, and he and his wife (who also piloted light planes) were a welcome sight to remote outback homesteads.

Sadly, Bob passed away in September 2019.  A huge loss to our Veteran Community where he was and still is held in high regard.  This is a ‘not to be missed’ interview!

Photo: An informal portrait of 37576 Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt) Robert Andrew (Bob) MacIntosh, of Ainslie, ACT, the inside of a helicopter cockpit. Flt Lt MacIntosh was one of the pilots of a helicopter which was fired on seven times when they went into a small clearing to rescue wounded Australian soldiers. AWM

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