‘TRAPPED’ by T Trumble Episode 1

Posted on: Mon 1 Jun 2020

The first in our three broadcast series around Tom Trumble’s Podcasts based on the remarkable WW2 story of his Grandfather.

18 February 1942.  Air reconnaissance sights an enormous Japanese invasion force steaming south from the Celebes on a direct course for Timor. A group of 29 Australian airmen remains behind to keep an aerodrome on Dutch Timor operational, helping aircraft from RAAF Station Darwin make their way to Java . When the aircraft due to evacuate the group fails to arrive, 24-year-old Flight Lieutenant Bryan Rofe makes a fateful decision.

Producer Helen Meyer

Rescue at 2100 Hours published by Penguin Australia Books   TRAPPED Podcasts at AWM


The RAAF rear party on Timor posing for a photograph on the beach at Kapsali, Dutch Timor, awaiting flying boat rescue which would never eventuate. The photo is dated March 2, 1942. Photo provided by T Trumble and used with permission.

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