Alvin Warren: Legion of Frontiersmen Cadet Corps

Posted on: Mon 16 Mar 2020

Brigadier Alvin Warren, Commanding Officer of Legion of Frontiersmen Legion Cadet Corps Australia Command 2/25 Battalion tells us about this unit that runs as a Cadet Training Corps, with British traditional aspects.  This organisation welcomes all youth (able bodied and with disabilities) age 9 to 18.  As Brigadier Warren says, ” If they have the will, we will find a way”.  Listeners will get a glimpse into this organisation that’s one of the very few available teaching our youth mateship, tolerance, discipline, history and more, and helping them to grow into well adjusted adults.

The Frontiersmen Cadets can be seen at various memorial services in SA including the ANZAC Youth Vigil, along with Australian Air Force Cadets, Australian Army Cadets, Australian Navy Cadets, Scouts Australia, Guides SA and SA Police Rangers.

Interviewer Louise Jesser

Photo provided by Legion of Frontiersmen Legion Cadet Corps Aust Command 2/25 Bn used with permission Brigadier Alvin Warren

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