Vale Frank Finch OAM: Ode to Merchant Seamen

Posted on: Mon 9 Mar 2020

We received the sad news from US Army Small Ships Association Australia of WW2 Veteran Frank Finch OAM’s passing on 6 May 2020.  Frank inspired many people with his sincerity, dedication to commemorative activity, as a seafarer, an author, and a true friend.

We re-played Frank reciting an Ode to Merchant Seamen.

Producer Helen Meyer

Main Photo:

1943 Frank Finch aged 16, a week before he joined the US Army Small Ships Section.  The badge he is wearing is the Merchant Navy Badge.  Frank says “It was taken off me by a Man Power official for daring to go with the Americans.  Made me wonder who was the enemy.”  It was promised to be returned but never was.”

Circa 2018 Frederick Bradley Finch OAM

Both photos provided by US Army Small Ships Association Australia, and used with permission

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