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Radio Adelaide features in C44 series

Posted on: Mon 18 Nov 2019

Radio Adelaide will feature tonight (November 18) in new Channel 44 series Broadcast Radio Australia, which profiles nine South Australian community radio stations.

The Channel 44 crew travelled across the state to nine community radio stations to interview each station’s volunteers, staff and hosts. Travelling up as far as Roxby Downs in the state’s far north to Victor Harbor in the south, the stations featured include Radio Adelaide, Coast FM, 5EBI, Fleurieu FM, Umeewarra Media, Rox FM, Life FM, Vision Australia Radio, and Three D Radio.

“This was an important series for us to make as there is a strong connection between community radio and community television,” says Kristen Hamill, producer of the series. “We wanted to highlight the incredible work these stations were doing for the diverse communities they serve and put a face to their volunteers and staff. We were excited to collaborate with Channel 31 on this idea and expand the series into South Australia, which has over 30 community radio stations.”

Community radio pioneer Keith Conlon said, “I’m really looking forward to seeing community radio and television come together in this new Channel 44 series Broadcast Radio Australia. Community media has existed and thrived since the early days of the 70’s. It does so many good things for our community, and it celebrates our volunteers.”

The production involved a crew of five Channel 44 volunteers, many of whom were interested in documentary as a career path and looked to this series as a way to gain hands-on industry experience.

“As a recent film and television graduate in Adelaide I felt extremely privileged to have the opportunity to work on this production,” said Channel 44 volunteer Eloise Grover, who worked as a production assistant on the series. “I am particularly passionate about the documentary discipline so having the chance to work on the project from research through to post-production was really rewarding.”

The Radio Adelaide episode airs on Channel 44 at 8.30pm on 18 November. This and all episodes are available to stream on-demand once aired on the C44 website here.


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