Isabel Andrews, Widow of WW2 Small Ships Veteran Ralph Andrews: Remembering Ralph

Posted on: Mon 12 Aug 2019

Ralph Andrews was operating the fishing trawler Willyama Two in Eden NSW during WWII when visiting Naval Officers ordered him to Sydney. After learning his ship had been impressed by the Government and handed to the U.S. Army, Ralph was asked to Skipper the trawler north carrying Army supplies. He responded by joining Small Ships Section on 4th July 1942.  After re-fitting S-51 Shangri La, Ralph sailed her to Port Moresby.  In the months prior to the Battle of Buna the Small Ships were often endangered by navigational hazards, enemy action and ‘friendly’ fire.  Ralph’s widow Isabel tells us about that first trip north to New Guinea.

Presenters Fiona White and Helen Meyer

L to R: Don Kennedy, Dr Ruth Lunney, Isabel Andrews at the Small Ships Reunion 2019. Photo by Victor Pickel Photography and used with permission

Main Photo: Raggle Taggle Fleet cover used with permission of US Army Small Ships Association. Isabel Andrews courtesy of Victor Pickel Photography used with permission


Ships mentioned:

Willyama Two

S-51 Shangri La

Two Freddies

S-62 Hilda Norling





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