Bert Collins 103yo WW2 Veteran: Memories of Army Service in NG

Posted on: Mon 22 Jul 2019

At 103 years of age, Bert admits he’s not as swift on his feet as in years gone by when he served in New Guinea, and was diving in and out of foxholes as Japanese planes bombed the area.  Bert returned to civilian life in the Retail Trade after the war.  His love of dancing has probably served him well health-wise, and he talks freely about all of this.  A great insight into the Australia of yester-year.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photo:  Left:  Bert during his Wartime Service (courtesy of B Collins)  Right:  Bert at the US ASS Reunion in Sydney 2019.  Photo by ‘Victor Pickel Photographer’.  and used with permission

Note:  Bert’s unit was transported to New Guinea aboard the MV Yochow

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