Lost Woods – Bern and other stories

Posted on: Tue 16 Apr 2019

Peter White (vocalist) and Tom Baird (guitarist), two members of the band Lost Woods (a South Australian indie rock/ indie pop band). ????

We shared a conversation about their individual music stories, how their songs came to be and the inspirations behind the scenes.

Peter shared with us his inspiring and unique musical journey. He is a late comer to music creation. His friend discovered his talent through the computer Karaoke game SingStar 10 years ago, leading to an invitation to sing in said friend’s band.

Peter and Tom also led us through the minefield of naming bands – the Lost Woods way. And how and why some of their songs’ names are quite random.

Photo taken with the consent of Lost Woods (Tom and Peter) and used with the permission of Adrian Miller.

Production by Clayton Werner


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