Kate Clements: A Flight against all odds

Posted on: Mon 15 Oct 2018

On the subject of things Scottish…  Scots have migrated to Australia since the days of early settlement. There is no denying that many of Australia’s migrants have faced perilous journeys to arrive on our shores where they’ve contributed great service to both country and community.

Today you’ll meet one such migrant who hailed from Glasgow in Scotland – Kate Clements. She was Kathy Wright back then, and I guarantee you will be astounded by her story.

It was a different world in 1968 when newlyweds Kathy and George Wright decided to leave Glasgow in a small canvas-covered plane and head for a new life in Australia. A journey that opened a Pandora’s box of adventure both terrifying and thrilling. George had just 44 hours flying experience and Kathy had done a teach-yourself navigation course.

Interviewer Fiona White

Main Photo:  Kate Clements, 2014, A Flight Against All Odds, Sid Harta Publishers, Australia

Photo below:  Kathy and George Wright in their small plane ‘Charlie Golf’. Used with permission.

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