The Bedford Park Tuberculosis Sanatorium

Posted on: Mon 17 Sep 2018

Volunteer at the Mitcham Heritage Research Centre, Wendy Loneragan tells us some amazing history of the Bedford Park region. It was a farming area when, in a major development in the concept of rehabilitation of troops returning from WW1, the Tuberculosis Sanatorium was built on what is now the Flinders Medical Centre and Flinders University site. How does the Sanatorium’s story fit in with Keswick Barracks hospital, Angorichina in the Flinders Ranges and the current Bedford Industries? Wendy tells us.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Wendy Longeragan 2018.  Photo provided by W Loneragan and used with her permission


Main photo from circa 1940s  of Bedford Park TB Sanatorium (copyright unknown) was provided by Wendy Longeragan and used with her permission.

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