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Lived experiences shared in Throw the Dice exhibition

Posted on: Fri 27 Jul 2018

An exhibition called Throw the Dice has been launched, put together by a group of local emerging artists who access Neami National’s services.

Neami National is a not for profit organisation which supports individuals to improve their mental and physical wellbeing and live independently in the community.

Neami National art facilitator, Elyas Alavi, and artist and consumer, Stevan Hewison, speak to Small Change‘s Lisa Burns about the work that went into putting the exhibition together, the power of holding the artworks in an established and large public gallery, Stevan’s craft and relationship with his work, the safe and supportive space Neami provides for its consumers, and what being a part of this project has meant to them both.

Produced by Lisa Burns

Image supplied and approved for use by Elyas Alavi

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