Phil Mason: Merchant Navy

Posted on: Mon 25 Jun 2018

It’s a fascinating tale…    Many people (and the media) overlook the role our Royal Australian Navy have undertaken in the defence of Australia…  which is a very sad state of affairs…  but even more overlooked is the role that our Merchant Navy have played, and the terrible price they’ve paid. Just what is the Merchant Navy?  What have they done…  and what are they doing?   Why are they so important to Australia?  Phil Mason, President of  The Merchant Navy Association of SA enlightens us.


Phil invites the public along to two commemoration ceremonies.  8 July 2018  and 3 September 2018

Interviewer Helen Meyer


Composite Photo:

HMAT Omrah and HMAT Orvieto at Port Said  02 December, 1914   AWM C02566 Copyright Expired

Phil Mason as a young Merchant Seaman.  Photo provided by P Mason and used with his permission

Phil Mason at Radio Adelaide 25.12.18.  Photo by H Meyer

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