Vicki Crannaford: Searching for John

Posted on: Mon 18 Jun 2018

The Malayan Emergency.   In 1966 Vicky was little more than a toddler when her big brother John Tassell was killed on active service in Malaya. There was no official record of John.  No recognition of his death in Malaya.  With the assistance of Brian Selby, President of the National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Assoc of Aust SA & NT, Vicki tells us why this occurred, and of the incredible search that she began for her brother in 1999.

Extra comment by Brian Selby about a national memorial for the Malayan Emergency and Indonesian Confrontation:

Producer Helen Meyer

Photos of John Darrell Tassell, plus Vicki Crannaford (nee Tassell) and her and John’s Mother provided by Vicki Crannaford and used with her permission


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