John Claxton: Who knows Sammy Lunn?

Posted on: Mon 18 Jun 2018

The Army Museum of SA’s John Claxton is renowned for seeking out important aspects of South Australian history that have dropped off the radar and out of public memory so to speak…   but John is determined that people such as Sammy Lunn, a humble and self effacing man, who was equally at home in a worker’s cottage or a prince’s place should not be forgotten.  John tells us the truly fascinating story of Sammy, an icecream vendor who was classified medically unfit for enlistment during WW1, but contributed greatly anyway. It explains why his funeral procession in 1923 was of a size and nature  probably not before or since afforded to a private Australian citizen.  It’s a great story.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Main Photo:  Funeral of Sammy Lunn.  Photo courtesy of State Library of South Australia Public Domain.

Other photos provided by John Claxton and used with his permission.

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