Mike Milln: The Royal Aero Club of SA

Posted on: Mon 28 May 2018

Mike Milln, a volunteer at the South Australian Aviation Museum (SAAM) has written two books about the Royal Aero Club of SA, with profits going to the SAAM.

In the exciting early days of record-breaking flights and the birth of commercial aviation, the Club was at the forefront of Adelaide society.

Mike chats about the early aviation pioneers: the airline builders, the characters, the pageants, the air races and the crashes. Mike’s a great aviation enthusiast whose knowledge of the Royal Aero Club of SA is probably second to none!

Interviewer Sharon Cleary

Photos provided by Mike Milln.  Book Publisher Avonmore Books



SAAM History Group member Mike Milln has just published Book 2 of his Royal Aero Club of South Australia history. (Book 1, covering the 1926-1941 period, was published in 2011.) Book 2 covers the 40 postwar years… a must read for anybody connected with the club and/or interested in the part the aero club movement played in Australia’s aviation development.  More information




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