The Nuclear Debate (sadly) is still ongoing – with Cat Beaton

Posted on: Mon 21 May 2018

Clayton plays host to Cat Beaton to discuss the current state of affairs with respect to the status of nuclear dumps.

We might have had good reason to think it’s all over, we’ve said NO for the umpteenth time, yet the battle lines continue to be drawn. And the federal government ignores state government legislation that says promoting and spending money on nuclear waste dumps is against the state’s law (Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) Act 2000).

You might like to view the original videos for the sound bytes used:

The Wire

We Say No Video

The promise is that we’ll keep having this conversation while there is the need. We hope this isn’t forever, but sometimes it seems that it will be!

Also – a petition for your consideration – surely a question of law and order in our state?  http://petition.dyndns.org/

Photo by Cat Beaton, and used with her permission (showing Cat and Ty).

Production by Clayton Werner

A Peace of the Action

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