Are Electric Cars Realistic for the Everyday Person?

Posted on: Wed 16 May 2018

Electric cars shape up as a viable means to dramatically decrease a country’s carbon emissions and tackle global warming.

Indeed, these cars have been rolled out with increasing regularity across parts of Europe with positive effects on the environment evident in these regions.

However, Australia’s policy in the area still falls short and needs significant adjustment for electric cars to become a realistic option for the everyday person.

Dr Anna Mortimer from Griffith University says, ‘We only have 4,000 on the road at the moment, and there are pretty much no incentives for consumers to buy electric vehicles’.

Dr Mortimer joins Breakfast’s Tom and Casey to talk about the advantages of electric cars, and some potential shifts in policy that would make them more affordable. 


Produced by Nick Maegraith

Image source: Wikimedia Commons   


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