Lachlan: Australian Air Force Cadet

Posted on: Mon 7 May 2018

Leading Cadet Lachlan, aged 14, has been a member of the AAFC for a year and a half but has already marched in the Christmas Pageant in Murray Bridge and the Mount Barker Pageant (twice) and attended the Mount Barker Show on duty.

Lachlan’s participated in an Anzac Day activity in Echunga, a Remembrance Day activity at Littlehampton, and in support of Legacy in Hahndorf. And he’s flown a pilot experience flight.

Anzac Day 2018 saw him off to Canberra as part of the 6 Wing Anzac March and Cultural Trip – a 10 day trip to the capital.  Amazing experiences for a 14-year-old!

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Every unit has its unique history, and this is drawn from their service, their people and sometimes where they are located. Service in the Australian Air Force Cadets is no different. Every squadron has its own unique badge. This is not just a colour patch, but a badge of honour proudly worn on the uniform.


Main Image:   AAFC Cadets with an ASK-21 Mi glider at the 2017 Mount Barker Show, including Lachlan third from the right and Bianca fifth from the right.   The ASK-21 Mi glider is displayed with the propeller assembly raised as it would be to support self-launch or sustained flight.

All images provided by Flying Officer (AAFC) Paul Rosenzweig

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