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Review: Malakas With Attitude by David Cavanagh

Posted on: Tue 13 Mar 2018

Hi, I’ve been to see ‘Malakas With Attitude’ in the new Rhino Room on Pirie Street.

This show is George Kapiniaris’s latest offering, and in it he takes a swipe at malakas everywhere. This is a great Greek go-to word which can be an exclamation of pleasure, a cry of horror, or used in its literal Greek translation, wanker. Make of that what you will. It’s this latter definition which Kapiniaris explores through his show; Greek malakas, Australian malakas, malakas of every colour and religious persuasion, no one is spared.  Kapiniaris is a regular Fringe performer, and he never fails to deliver more laughs than you can poke a moussaka at, and this show certainly provides a constant source of hilarity. This is a very vigorous performance with Kapiniaris using the entire stage as he accompanied his monologue with a full-on workout. I’m also amazed that he had a voice left by the end, as there are no pauses in his delivery, much of it a full-throated roar. Definitely worth a look.

The new Rhino Room is very similar in layout to the old venue, and you still have to climb a flight of stairs to reach the room, which is a bit bigger than the old space.

‘Malakas With Attitude’ is part of the Adelaide Fringe and is on in the Rhino Room until March 17th. See your Fringe guide for details.

David Cavanagh

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