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Review: James Veitch, Dot Con

Posted on: Wed 7 Mar 2018

Hello I’m Clayton and I’ve been been along to see James Veitch – Dot Con at the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

Clearly it’s a show with a bit about tech and James Veitch has the right kind of background to play with the scammers. Thus the first part of the show is about some of the conversations he’s had with scammers. Emails backwards and forwards, simply silly play, even to get them to talk in code, fully in the know that it’s a game both ways, but a different one (though acknowledging that there are way too many gullible people that fall for these problems). Then to consider how to try to scam a scammer. What does he want from them? He decides to waste their time, so that less other people might fall foul of them. Even though said scammer has seen his name before, he gets in touch and some of his lines are simply taken from what they’ve sent him, poor nigeri-english and all. The crowd is in stitches, especially as he has gone to the point of setting up a fake website that is impossible to log into ….

James then tries a few other routines on us, silly, obsessive and taking the piss along the way.


4 stars.

Loose Ends is on most evenings in Le Cascadeur in the Garden of Unearthly Delights.


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