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Daniel Sloss on destroying hecklers

Posted on: Wed 7 Mar 2018

“If you come in to ruin my show, I will do everything in my extreme power to ruin your life … Or at least your day,” says comedian Daniel Sloss

Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss has been in the game since he was barley a teen. He had his first big break-through, when fellow Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle, allowed him to write some of his material to perform on the popular UK show Mock The Week at the incredibly young age of 14.

Since then, the accolades have kept flowing, which have led to a record seven appearances on the Conan O’Brien Show and also appearing in Comedy Central’s Drunk History.

He spoke to Radio Adelaide’s Michael Migali about being offensive, purposely ‘losing’ the audience, just for a challenge and ruining the lives of malicious hecklers.

He starts off by discussing why he’s been inaccurately labelled a ‘sociopath’.



Image: Photo by Gavin Evans, with permission to use by Adelaide Fringe.

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