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Review: Soweto Gospel Choir by David Cavanagh

Posted on: Tue 6 Mar 2018

Hi I’m David Cavanagh and I’ve been to see the Soweto Gospel Choir in The Flamingo at Gluttony.

Formed in the South Western Township, South Africa, the Choir has been performing all around the world for many years. This series of performances celebrates the life of Nelson Mandela through traditional, African Gospel and freedom songs, along with their unique interpretations of international classics. The Choir’s trademark vivid costumes were again on show, full of colour and adorned with the beading so representative of traditional African clothing. Accompanied by keyboard and hand drums, the Choir burst onto the stage en masse, and the hour long show was full of high energy and amazing singing, with many of the eleven South African languages being used. And after all their years together it was obvious that all the members of the Choir still love what they do, and, boy, do they do it well. The performance concluded with an amazing version of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’, sung both in English and South African, which brought the almost capacity crowd to its feet. The Soweto Gospel Choir has been a feature on the music scene for many years, and long may it reign.

The Soweto Gospel Choir are part of the Adelaide Fringe and are appearing in The Flamingo at Gluttony throughout March. Check your Fringe guide for details.

David Cavanagh

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