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AdlFringe Review: Lauren Bok: ‘Between A Bok And A Hard Place’ by Lisa Harper Campbell

Posted on: Sat 24 Feb 2018

Lauren Bok presents a brand new stand-up show, Between A Bok And A Hard Place, at the Producers Bar from Friday 23 February to Friday 9 March.

Arts Breakfast’s Lisa Harper Campbell went along to opening night and shares her thoughts below.

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Produced by Lisa Harper Campbell

Hi, I’m Lisa Harper Campbell and I’ve been to see Between A Bok And A Hard Place presented by Lauren Bok as part of this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Victorian comedian and Fringe veteran, Lauren Bok is a thoughtful writer and engaging performer. Her new show, Between A Bok And A Hard Place, is a collection of stories and thoughts on the creative process for Festival artists.

Lauren provides a step-by-step guide to great Fringe success including listing off the essentials: a catchy show title, an intriguing blurb, a memorable image and, as she puts it, ‘to a much lesser extent, a modicum of talent’.

It is clear however that Lauren Bok does have that talent. She has a warm, confident presence that she combines with a great deal of boisterous energy and physicality. Her observations are accessible, painfully accurate and reflective of an artist constantly honing her craft. She works for and with her audience creating hilarious and accessible moments to which both creators and consumers of comedy can relate.

Lauren is quite a theatrical performer and I felt she was a little hamstrung by the technical set-up of the space. Making use of a television screen for Powerpoint slides was a great idea for some visual/text-based gags however the screen was far too low, hindering most of the audience’s sightline. The gags included some pun-tastic titles including her last name. My own suggestions include: Bokbuster, Bok It In Eddie and It’s Not Boket Science.

Technical issues become irrelevant as Lauren’s capacity to acknowledge and engage with the mechanics of the show meant that she built an instant rapport with her audience, guiding them through what is an entertaining and insightful 50 minutes.

Lauren’s show represents what Fringe is all about; here is a promising young female comic with interesting and important things to say. Please go lend her your ears.

Between A Bok And A Hard Place is now showing in the Cranny at the Producers Bar until Friday 2 March. Head to or check your guide for further details.

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