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Review: Tin Pan Orange

Posted on: Mon 19 Feb 2018

Hi, I’m David Cavanagh and I’ve been to see ‘Tin Pan Orange’ at the Fortuna Spiegeltent in The Garden Of Unearthly Delights.

This one-off performance is part of their Wanderers tour, promoting their latest album. The band features Emily Lubitz on vocals, her brother Jesse on guitar and Alex Burkay on violin, mandolin and a very small-bodied electric guitar.

The band’s indie-folk is infectious, though Emily did go off on a number of meanderings into politics, the human race and other deep and meaningfuls. I swear she channelled Kate Bush on a couple of occasions. However the band’s tight and masterful playing, coupled with Emily’s plaintive but powerful voice, kept the reasonably-sized audience happy.

In one little interlude the band abandoned the stage and performed on a dais in the middle of the audience. It didn’t really work as no amplification meant most of the crowd didn’t hear a thing.

‘Tin Pan Orange’ performed their one-off performance as part of the Adelaide Fringe.

Julie Cavanagh

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