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Review: Michelle Brasier & Laura Frew – Double Denim

Posted on: Sun 18 Feb 2018

Hi, I’m Clayton and I’ve just seen Michelle Brasier & Laura Frew: Double Denim.

It’s all about a party. They’ve planned party games, drinks, dancing and some get-to-know-you fun. Except that Michelle has unfortunately forgotten to send the invitations! So we’ll all do and soon we’re all best friends.

If your idea of a party is cocktails, canapes, top hats and the like, this might not quite suit. Double Denim is a little more bogan, where your boyfriend might get chatted up with, ‘So, do you know how to use a condom?’. Interestingly the rules for pass-the-parcel seem like they’ve come directly from a condom packet and later, vice versa. You might get selected for a hot date in a not-so-swish French restaurant. We enjoyed the volunteer who gave as good as he got on this!

Perhaps one of the most unusual improv parts to tonight’s show revolved around one of a gaggle of ladies enjoying a spot of narcolepsy in the front row – hilarious!

Like all good parties, this one came to an end by being closed down by the police. It’s light-hearted fun with some great belly laughs.

Rating: ★★★★✩

Michelle Brasier & Laura Frew – Double Denim continues at Cupola in the Garden of Unearthly Delights until 4 Mar, and at Rastelli at the Stirling Fringe 9-10 March.


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