Peace Boat and Masters of War – a contrast

Posted on: Sun 18 Feb 2018

Recently, the Japanese-based ‘peace boat’ visited Adelaide and Australia with a number of Australian and Japanese activists on board. Stephen Darley broadcasts short speeches from former senator Scott Ludlum, and from a Japanese hibakusha, a survivor of the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki. Stephen recorded these speeches at the peace boat public meeting at Gallery Yampu, Birkenhead.

Shortly after the peace boat’s arrival, the Australian government proudly announced its ambition to become a major global arms exporter. The government plans to establish a $3.8 billion low-interest loan scheme to help this multi-nationals-dominated (and highly profitable) death industry to expand.

Stephen discusses the implications of this move and why it is a fundamentally flawed direction for Australia.

Produced by Stephen Darley

Image source: Commons Wikimedia

A Peace of the Action

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