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Review: Balloonatics By Clayton Werner and Benjy

Posted on: Sat 17 Feb 2018

‘Hi, I’m Clayton’, and ‘Hello, I’m Benjy’.

And we’ve just been to see Balloonatics.

It’s a show for kids, with plenty of fun for accompanying adults too. It has comedy, drama, action, TV and movie stars and, of course, balloons! Chris Henry has come all of the way from Scotland to bring this show to the Adelaide Fringe.

With plenty of opportunity for volunteering to help on the stage, Chris hasn’t ever read the warnings about performing with children. Nonetheless, he has enough experience to make the most of the odd situations he finds himself in.

One of the interesting facts I learned is that balloons and bubbles are enemies! But both can go POP!

While the show is billed as being suitable for ages four and up, all the kids in the audience enjoyed it and some of them were less than two. Chris is expert in involving the audience. The show itself has plenty to offer – positive, fun, both clever and totally daggy balloon skills on show. What’s wrong with a little imagination!

Rating ★★★★✩

Balloonatics is on every weekend in Le Cascadeur in the Garden of Unearthly Delights.


Produced by Clayton Werner




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