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Review: A Visit With Nan In A Caravan by Mark Tripodi

Posted on: Fri 16 Feb 2018

Hi, I’m Mark Tripodi, and I’ve just been on a A Visit With Nan In A Caravan in the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

Snatching up the Golden Gibbo award at last year’s Melbourne international Comedy Festival, A Visit With Nan in a Caravan is an intimate, bite-sized show, performed to a maximum of eleven people by three WASPy grandmothers: Edith (played by Thomas Jaspers), Maureen (Kyle Minall) and Caroline (Scott Brennan). The colourful trio have travelled Australia and turned up here, in Adelaide, to tell us all about their incredibly rich lives.

It’s pretty much exactly what you expect from three men in drag, or even three grandmothers who live in a caravan. It’s kitschy, it’s camp, and with a rotating lineup playing Caroline Springs, it looks like it couldn’t get much camper. Most of all, because it’s so weird and unique, it’s Fringey as heck. Few shows will feel as at home in this massive festival as A Visit With Nan in a Caravan because it’s just so full of character.

It’s a show that’s at the mercy of its audience because it’s so close and intimate. I could see it going wrong, but with the three incredibly experienced actors (playing much more experienced grandmothers), there’s little chance that the show could ever be boring.

With fifteen minute shows every half hour, pretty much every day of the Fringe, there’s plenty of chances to go see these super hard-working retirees. A Visit With Nan In A Caravan might be just what you need.

Catch A Visit With Nan In A Caravan at the Adelaide Fringe from now until the  end of the festival.


Produced by Mark Tripodi

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