‘Biological Age’ and What it Means for You

Posted on: Thu 15 Feb 2018

There is a slew of apps and quizzes available online that purport to measure your ‘biological age’. Where your ‘calendar age’ measures how many times you have orbited the Sun, ‘biological age’ is supposed to determine whether or not you have, for example, the heart, lungs and brain of a 65 y.o. when you are only thirty.

Breakfast host Tom Jordan is joined by Dr Carissa Bonner from the University of Sydney to discuss the efficacy, and potential value, of finding out how old you really are.

‘People do seem to have more of an emotional reaction to getting an older age than if you just gave them a statistic about how likely they are to have a heart attack or something similar.’ Dr Carissa Bonner.

Produced by Casey Tonkin.

Image source: pngpix


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