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Are these the last days of reality?

Posted on: Wed 7 Feb 2018

Facebook is the ubiquitous social network which brings together over 2 billion users.

While there are many positive aspects to this technology, there is increasing debate about the role Facebook plays in shaping society and the power it has over its users.

Is it simply a network designed to bring people closer together or has it changed into something designed to be addictive and to maximise commercial value?

Leading futurist, entrepreneur, innovator and author, Mark Pesce says, ‘There are two sides, Facebook had a very focused mission to create a platform for sharing. As more people joined the platform, and as they started to earn revenue by showing ads to people who were using the platform, Facebook  started doing what they could to make the news feed on the platform so interesting that you didn’t want to look away. They started showing you what you wanted to see.’

Mark Pesce has almost three decades of experience in digital technology and has recently written an essay entitled, The Last Days of Reality, published by Melbourne University Publishing, he joins Breakfast’s Tom and Casey. 

Produced by Kvitka Becker

Image source: Pixabay


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