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Posted on: Wed 8 Nov 2017

Our world is rapidly advancing, but should we fear it or should we be excited about it?

Artificial intelligence, automation and robotics have already been causing much anxiety for many.

But despite all the dark sides and potential problems there may be a lot of positive opportunities that will arise.

Biomedical Engineer and Inventor, Dr Jordan Nguyen says he doesn’t think we should fear change, “these changes are coming and they are approaching us whether we like it or not and what we need to learn to do is embrace that change.”

He added that change has brought automation in the past and further automation will just bring us new processes and new possibilities.

But what about our jobs? Nguyen says, “jobs will disappear but I don’t think we should always focus on that common enemy because new jobs will appear.”

Dr Jordan Nguyen joins Breakfast Producer, Kvitka Becker. 

Produced by Kvitka Becker

Image source: Max Pixel


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