Wings for Cadet Corporal Tomasz Kocimski

Posted on: Mon 6 Nov 2017

Pilot Officer (AAFC) Dennis Medlow, Chief Flying Instructor-Gliding for 6 Wing, was in the studio to congratulate Leading Cadet Tharane Thamodarar and Cadet Corporal Tomasz Kocimski on their achievements…  He presented Tomasz  with his AAFC Solo Pilot Badge on air! A great achievement.   Congratulations and well done Tomasz and Tharane!

Interviewer Fiona White

Photo:   Pilot Officer (AAFC) Dennis Medlow, Leading Cadet Tharane Thamodarar, Cadet Corporal Tomasz Kocimski at Radio Adelaide

Image by Flying Officer (AAFC) Paul Rosenzweig

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