Cadet Corporal Tomasz Kocimski: Qualified glider & powered aircraft

Posted on: Mon 6 Nov 2017

During a recent 6 Wing Gliding Camp held at Balaklava Airfield, Cadet Corporal Tomasz Kocimski of No 604 Squadron went solo in a DG-1000S glider. He had previously completed aviation subjects through the AAFC home training curriculum. He then completed the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA) training syllabus during the gliding camp, and completed a solo assessment flight with 6 Wing’s Chief Flying Instructor-Gliding.

This has qualified Tomasz for the AAFC First Solo Badge (Gliding). However, earlier this year Cadet Corporal Kocimski privately completed his first solo flight in a powered aircraft, making him eligible to receive the AAFC First Solo Badge (Powered).

Tomasz talks with us about his flying progress to date, how he achieved solo status in power, and how he went solo in gliding just after his 16th birthday.

Interviewer Fiona White

Photo:  Two newly qualified solo pilots (gliding) at the October Gliding Camp at Balaklava, SA (left to right): Cadet Corporal Tomasz Kocimski, Pilot Officer (AAFC) Dennis Medlow, Chief Flying Instructor-Gliding, and Cadet Corporal Benjamin Dunk.
Image supplied by No 600 (Aviation Training) Squadron, AAFC

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